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Simplify your ad monitoring and significantly reduce wasted ad spend with AdSpotting.


Platform Integration

Connect all your online advertising platforms with ease and speed, using just a few clicks. This allows you to collect data from the advertising platforms you use, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Taboola, Google Ads, Bing, and many more.


Ad Listing

Effortlessly compile a comprehensive list of ads from all your connected advertising platforms. Select the ads you want to track with just a few clicks, and gain real-time insights into their performance instantly.


Real Time Ad Monitoring

Get real-time performance data from various ad platforms, updated every 5 minutes in one intuitive dashboard. AdSpotting alerts you instantly to underperforming ads, helping you save on wasted ad spend.



AdSpotting offers automated "pause ad" rules. With these rules across networks like FB, TikTok, Google, and many more you can pause ads automatically when they're not meeting predefined KPIs, saving your budget from wastage.

More Features

But that's not all...

Setting Rules

Customize your rules for individual or grouped ads with a variety of KPIs like Channel, CPA, CPC, CPM, ROAS, or profit. Get direct alerts when ads miss goals, empowering immediate action for peak performance.


Take control of your Ad Performance Data. Decide which historical data to review and how to visualize it. Whether you're looking for overall performance insights or seeking top-performing ads to recycle for future campaigns, AdSpotting has you covered.

Ad Attribution

We attribute all your costs, conversions and revenue directly to your ads, sourced from your advertising platforms and through advanced cookieless tracking for 100% accuracy. With your KPIs set and precise attribution, our software flawlessly monitors all your metrics.

Event Tracking

Install the AdSpotting 1st party data tracking script to trace all your events back to ads, ensuring nearly 100% accuracy, enhancing conversions with precision. Set up is quick and simple, taking just a few minutes on your website.

Real Time Sync

Stay ahead with our ad management service. We sync data from your platforms and track site events every 5, 10, or 20 minutes (based on your plan), ensuring you're always on top of your ad results. Boost your performance today!


Elevate team collaboration with AdSpotting. Invite and add more users to your adspotting account, assign separate permissions, and monitor ads individually or as a team with personalized settings. Streamlining your ad monitoring effortlessly.


Key Benefits AdSpotting

With AdSpotting, you can monitor the performance of all your running ads across various platforms in real time, all from one user-friendly dashboard.
AdSpotting offers real-time insights and instant alerts for underperforming ads, empowering immediate action.
AdSpotting eliminates ad spend waste from the start! Receive alerts at signs of underperformance, streamlining ad management.
Instead of retrospectively analyzing what could have been done better, we advocate for immediate action when underperforming results appear right in front of you, preventing mistakes in the first place.
No more juggling between platforms and sheets. Easy ad monitoring and automation ensuring hassle-free ad spend protection.
Our software is designed for simplicity, making it easy to get started in just minutes.

Complementing Your Existing Solutions.

No worries about your existing solutions. Adspotting can very well be used alongside the systems you already use.

Sr. Media Professional

Major Real Estate Platform

"The intuitive user interface provides valuable insights from waste and enables automatic optimization."

Account Professional

Leading CRM Company

“The interface is easy to navigate and well-designed, meeting current market expectations."

Sr. Retail Consultant

Top e-Commerce Platform

"It's surprising that such a simple solution isn't already available in 2024!"

e-Commerce Specialist

e-Commerce Consultancy

"Looks clean and well-organized, without an overwhelming array of options."

Chief Marketing Officer

Global Hearing Company

"AdSpotting simplifies our workflow, freeing up valuable time for the team to focus on strategic decisions."

Digital Strategy Director

Int. Non-Profit Organization

"AdSpotting delivers efficient, cost-effective results, which is perfect for our organization on a tight budget."

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